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Hi! I'm Tara, the Frugal Active Mama to FIVE crazy busy kiddos! I love to help other mamas learn how to live a homemade life naturally, and on a budget!



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Motherhood. It's everything I dreamed it would be. It's what I truly believe I was born to do. Be a mom. It's crazy, busy, messy, hectic, and nothing like what "they" make you think it will be like. I try to be as real as possible and share the good and the bad. I also pride myself on being a Frugal Mom! And this is where you will find how I live the mom life fully AND frugally! 

I try to make everything homemade as much as possible. Food, household cleaners, crafts, home decor, you name it! This is where I will share all of my "Suzy Homemaker" type of posts! :)

Through my social media excursions, I have been given the amazing privilege of working directly with many brands and companies. I love creating content and really diving deep into that creative size of mine. Not to mention, I have build some amazing relationships with both brands as well as other content creators! I love it!


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